LRA: The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1 Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I had only recently started watching the Twilight movies. I had avoided them up to this point mostly due to the large amount of backlash the series got from both film critics and the fans alike (whom constantly claim the books are much better). I was however very curious about this fourth film in the series, I had heard a good number of things about the "pregnancy" and how it was handled in the book that caught my interest. I also don't care for poking fun or criticizing something I have never seen, it is not in good taste to lambast something that I have almost zero knowledge of. So I took the plunge and over the course of the past three weeks (I could only handle them one a week) I got invested into the world of Twilight and I have to be honest here, the first film wasn't that bad.

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