The Lizard Revealed In New Concept Art For The Amazing Spider-Man

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Here it is, the concept art of our dreams: Lizard (Lizard) from the movie the New Spider-Man" (Amazing Spider-Man.

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Crazay2641d ago

Finally what appears to be a much better representation of what The Lizard is going to look like. I think it looks good and am anxious to see more and in action for that matter.

Crazay2641d ago

Hey JL - how accurate would you say this is to what you saw at SDCC? Pretty good?

JL2641d ago

Read below. Basically, I agree with this probably being a transformation stage version of the Lizard, as what I saw was much more reptilian and not as human as this picture is.

Crazay2641d ago

Ya looks like we posted at pretty much the exact same time. lol

WitWolfy2640d ago

I agree this looks more like a were lizzard.. OR some kind of transformation stage

JL2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

This looks fairly close to what I saw. Though, the footage I saw from the movie showed the creature a bit more "developed" I guess. So the comment about this being the first step in Dr Connors' transformation seems fairly spot on.

What I saw showed him a bit less human than this shows. More developed body (bulked up/more reptilian), plus the face was more reptilian with a "snout" and all. Still this is obviously a much better representation than the PEZ dispenser.

jbl3162641d ago

Do you think The Lizard will appear in his full form near the end of the movie? This image still looks too human-like for my taste lol.

JL2641d ago

Oh absolutely. He'll probably be full form before the halfway point. In the footage I saw, he was full form and it appeared like it was probably second act stuff.

DarkBlood2640d ago

i accepted this look as a transformation process so its ok just for that

however if that was the final form i still probably like it but not as much as i would had like it

know what i mean?

pomoluese2638d ago

Thank God. I really hate it when the animal-like villians have human faces.

StarWarsFan2641d ago

Looks pretty good so far.

Lord_Sloth2641d ago

Looks stupid. Hope this is just a mid-transformation deal.

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