Over 35 New Images from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Collider - The release of director David Fincher’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is quickly approaching, and today a plethora of new images from the film have been unveiled. While most image galleries give away 80% of the movie, the images here are used more to invoke mood than story. While we do get looks at stars Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig, there are quite a few shots of stationary objects or settings that give off the chilling vibe so expertly conveyed in the trailers. If the marketing materials released thus far are any indication of the film’s quality, we’re in for quite a ride come Christmas.

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StarWarsFan2636d ago

I still think the marketing for this movie has been lackluster.

alycakes2635d ago

I don't think so. I liked the trailer because it gives just enough to wonder about it...especially if you haven't read the book or seen the other version of the movie. I want to see the movie as soon as it comes out just because I have so many questions about it now.

AHall882635d ago

I liked the Swedish movie and I'm sure this one will be good, if not great, but man is Rooney Mara one ugly chick.

Blink_442635d ago

Agree with the Rooney comment, noomi rapace was actually attractive in the Swedish version.