Dexter - Sin of Omission/Get Gellar Review | Player Affinity

Player Affinity writes: "For those of you keeping up with Dexter this season, it isn’t likely to escape you that one of the episodes that I’m about to talk about is a week old. Let’s ignore my lateness and simply move onto business. “Sin of Omission” was a big episode for Dexter, both for the character and potentially for the series itself. On the character side, Dexter had just about one of the most “human” episodes in the series’ run as he dealt with the fallout from his trip to Nebraska as well as his own emotions. With his sudden disappearance amidst the height of the Doomsday Killer case, Debra was pissed to say the least. So when her brother reemerged without plausible responses to her questions, things got interesting."

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