‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: Is the Spielberg Classic Overrated?

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Hero Complex readers know how we feel about “Raiders of the Lost Ark” after our 30th anniversary screening with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford and the memorable mash note we published from guest essayist Damon Lindelof. We thought pretty much everyone loved the 1981 adventure film but now we bring you an opposing view from Michael Phillips, the Chicago Tribune’s fine film critic, and this essay, which will appear in Thursday’s print edition of the Los Angeles Times.

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darklordzor3227d ago


That's the simple answer. Though I will say that I enjoyed The Last Crusade more than Raiders.

Crazay3226d ago

Agreed with you on this DLZ. Indy is a very memorable character and the Raiders movie is a classic piece. The Last Crusade was without a doubt the best movie in the series.

Shackdaddy8363226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

The Last Crusade was my favorite too. Ironically, it's the movie I've seen the least out of the trilogy.

JL3225d ago

See, of all the people I know that hate Crystal Skull, that's the reason why I hear the most: they think the alien thing was stupid and too "out there". I don't get that complaint.

I mean in past Indiana Jones we've had supernatural stuff, real black magic, a cup that makes you immortal, etc. So I really don't see aliens being that far of a stretch.

And I actually like Shia. I also see a lot of similarities between him and Harrison Ford. I think Shia just got picked up and pushed to the moon early on.

Shackdaddy8363225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

^ It was usually things straight from old relics in books (holy grail, the ark of the covenant, etc.). This made sense because the Nazis were extremely into these types of things and they really did go out of their way to try to find relics from around the world.

Aliens is way too sci-fy for Indiana Jones. They tried to connect this to their regular "relic" pattern by putting in a crystal alien skull as a relic and linking everything to the Mayans but this was just way too far-fetched IMO. This idea popped up during modern time and there is no historical writing before that ever suggested Mayans -> Aliens.

And ya. I really can't name anything wrong with Shia. I just hate that guy's guts.

JL3225d ago

Really? I have to say Raiders is definitely still my favorite. Though I loved all of them. Last Crusade probably is my second favorite, though....maybe. Hell, I just love them all. I didn't even hate Crystal Skull as much as most seemed to hate it.

Shackdaddy8363225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I hated Crystal Skull so much. The alien concept was retarded.

I probably wouldn't care about that as much though if Shia Labeouf wasn't in the movie. I have a very VERY extreme hate for that guy for some reason. Like if I could pick one person to kill off in the whole world, it would be that guy. It's strange because he never really did anything wrong...

alycakes3226d ago

I guess I enjoyed the very first one and the very last one the most...I could have done without the ones inbetween.

loudhugo3226d ago

if you watched it as a kid, its hard to seperate a good movie from good memories

darklordzor3226d ago

Yeah, but since I've watched these movies over and over well into my adulthood, I can't say that the quality of the film has ever diminished.

loudhugo3226d ago

i think it doesnt matter, when your watching them now its still about how much you liked it before, at least thats what ive seen a lot in other ppl and me, but could be wrong

darklordzor3225d ago

Yeah there are several movies I loved as a kid, but I can tell you that they hold absolutely no appeal for me now. JL mentioned a good one like Howard the Duck, but there's also; Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 2, Surf Ninjas, Beast Master, Deep Blue Sea, and the list goes on.

While I did enjoy them when I was younger, I recognize now that they really aren't great movies and do nothing for me.

JL3225d ago

I understand where you're coming from. I've often tried pointing out that just because a movie was a childhood favorite does not mean the movie was actually good.

There are many movies that I remember liking as a kid, but I go back and watch them now and can tell you they weren't good at all. Like 'Howard the Duck' (not even sure why that one popped in my head). But I really enjoyed that as a kid for some reason and remember watching it many times over. Going back now, that's absolute garbage.

That being said, Raiders of the Lost Ark is NOT one of those movies, though. Raiders is a great movie. Good script, great storytelling, humorous, great character. This movie is like the perfect blend of style and substance. Smart enough but still loads of fun at the same time. The perfect example of a great adventure movie.

Blink_443226d ago

Haven't seen this movie in a long time

gaden_malak3226d ago

I stopped reading when he said Indiana Jones is not a memorable character.

Find someone who doesn't know who he is.

JL3225d ago

Yea, you have to lose credibility when one says something like that. Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic characters of cinema history. Jones is absolutely memorable. Hell, even to this day you can see "imitators" and the influence the character has had over the years.

You can look at Nathan Drake to see how Jones is still so memorable that people are still imitating it (I use that word loosely, and not in a bad way), along with Rick from The Mummy series, Lara Croft, the National Treasure movies. And I can't even imagine where the hero archetype would be without Indiana Jones (and Hans Solo as well).

So, yes, Indiana Jones is absolutely memorable and is iconic. He stands up there as one of the greatest fictional characters of all-time, right up there with characters like Sherlock Holmes (another I absolutely love). Hell, people even refer to that fedora as an "Indian Jones hat" still to this day. I think that says enough right there.