Fox Will Try to Get Wyatt & Vaughn Back for Apes & X-Men Sequels

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This year's IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards just wrapped and we should have a full report and recap in the next 24 hours, but one of the people presented with a special tribute at this year's awards was 20th Century Fox Chairman and CEO of Filmed Entertainment Tom Rothman, not one most would normally associate with independent film, although Ang Lee and Jim Jarmusch, the two filmmakers who presented Rothman's tribute, reminded the audience they all worked together earlier in their respective careers.

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Crazay3220d ago

They'd be crazy to not try and get these guys back. I was pretty wary of First Class but after all was said and done I quite enjoyed it. Rise on the other hand is possibly my favorite movie from the year.

darklordzor3220d ago

Yeah, both of these films were the ones I expected to be the weakest of the Summer (even though I was really looking forward to them), so I was ecstatic when they turned out to be the BEST the Summer had to offer.

I would love for these directors to come back, but like the guy said, good scripts are also really important.

Crazay3220d ago

I think the original plan was to have 3 new Planet movies. My guess is they already had a pretty well defined path they wanted to take with them thus allowing for a faster turnaround. Here's hoping.

darklordzor3220d ago

Yeah, I remember Wyatt saying that in an interview previously, that they had a layout for a new trilogy. I say bring it on. If they're anything like Rise was, I'll gladly take more.

Crazay3220d ago

If they still deny Andy Serkis his Oscar nod/Win, then the Academy clearly has it's head up it's own ass.

MinimeJer053219d ago

They better get these guys back. Otherwise I have little to no hope for the sequels.

Blink_443219d ago

Vaughn is a great director

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