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Universal, Tom Hanks Traveling to Hitler's Berlin for 'In the Garden of Beasts'

THR says

The studio and Hanks' Playtone have optioned film rights to Erik Larson's nonfiction bestseller with Hanks eyeing it as a starring vehicle.

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Crazay3224d ago

I sure am hopeful that Spielberg gets on board with this one. Spielberg + Hanks + WWII = Incredible story telling. Band of Brothers is the most emotionally charged series I have ever seem and Saving Private Ryan was an incredible movie... I think I just might put that in tonight.

Shackdaddy8363222d ago

I liked Band of Brothers a ton(I also loved The Pacific which is basically a Pacific version of BoB). But for Saving Private Ryan, after the beach scene, the whole movie became pretty hokey...

Crazay3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I really liked what I saw of the Pacific and plan to rewatch it all this Xmas season because I really only saw 3 episodes due to it just being bad timing.

It didn't exactly receive the same amount of critical acclaim Band of Brothers had so I'm happy to finally hear from someone who liked it.

alycakes3222d ago

I've never seen Band of Brothers but I've heard my son talk about it and how much he likes it. Saying that means a lot because if you knew my son you would know that he doesn't watch much tv or movies so when he picks something he likes....he really must like it.