AvClub: Keira Knightley Interview

AvClub: From her breakout roles in Bend It Like Beckham and The Pirates Of The Caribbean onward, Keira Knightley has exuded a no-muss, effortless charm that catapulted her to fame. Then in 2007, she scratched that surface to reveal a slightly darker layer of conflicted emotions in Atonement. In David Cronenberg’s latest film, A Dangerous Method (scripted by Atonement screenwriter Christopher Hampton), she plays Sabina Spielrein, a woman deeply uncomfortable in her own skin who becomes Carl Jung’s patient and lover. The eponymous “dangerous method” is the theory of psychoanalysis pioneered by Sigmund Freud (played by Viggo Mortensen), which his protégé, Jung (Michael Fassbender), uses for the first time to treat Spielrein, whose extreme fits of anxiety have proven impervious to previous treatments.

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