IGN - Sons of Anarchy: "Burnt and Purged Away" Review

IGN - In "Burnt and Purged Away", written by series creator Kurt Sutter and Dave Erickson, Sons of Anarchy continued its best season to date, delivering an episode that drew on the tension of all the season's storylines with an ending that didn't let us down. The most shocking part was that this wasn't even the season finale.

I had to laugh at the beginning of the episode when both Bobby and Chibs doomed everyone by saying that maybe they would be able to get out of this cartel deal in one piece after all. That was like walking up to Fate and kicking her right in the shins.

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alycakes3216d ago

Well...I'm still waiting for Clay to die. I know he got shot at the end but you know he won't die. Someone needs to do something about him though....when the whole show comes to an end...I hope they write the script to either end him or put him away for life without parole...if not then I'm going to be very disappointed.

You can't give people the impression that you can get away with all that they have done and even more so him.