IGN - American Horror Story: "Rubber Man" Review

IGN - And to think, the "Ultimate Ass Lock" was the least terrifying thing about this episode.

At first I was not a fan of Tate being revealed as the guy in the Gimp suit. Mostly because he was the most obvious pick, having worn the Gimp suit in front of Violet already. See, I was looking forward to an all new tale about that suit, but "Rubber Man" was able to side-step my initial frustration and provide me with a creepy, informative, well-thought-out episode that managed to lay down first bit of structure for the entire story.

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alycakes3227d ago

You know...I would just be glad to get out of that house.

Blink_443227d ago

I it's just violet and her dad at the house can't wait for tonight's episode