IGN - Boardwalk Empire: "Georgia Peaches" Review

IGN - "Georgia Peaches" was a bit of a quiet storm, with most things playing out in a typically respectful Boardwalk-ian manner – right up until the shocker of an ending! But does a killer ending make for a great episode? Well it can, but it still needs the weight and support of the rest of the chapter to help elevate it. Plus, every episode of Boardwalk is always good. It's a good, quality show and things will, generally, be awesome. I think what teeters here is my ability or capacity to emotionally care about the characters themselves. Angie's death was a big shock, but I still can't help feeling like her story wasn't quite done yet. As in, we were just getting to experience a whole other sub-sect of bohemian life that existed in the 20's through her eyes and now she's gone as part of a plot device for Jimmy's story.

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