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The Muppets Review: Finally, A Comeback Done Right (TMP)

From TMP:

Coming back after a long hiatus isn't the easiest task in the world. Talk to films like Superman Returns, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and, of course, The Phantom Menace. After such a long break from theaters, most franchises can't even come close to recapturing the fame they once had. Not very often does a Batman Begins or Toy Story 3 come along. Which brings us to The Muppets, the first Muppet movie to hit theaters in about 12 years. Brought to life by co-writer and star Jason Segal, The Muppets was meant as a love letter to the franchise that Segal grew up loving, while at the same time operating as a return to form for the property. But does it achieve this goal? And does it finally break the taboo established by other failed properties looking for a comeback?

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