IGN - Dexter: "Get Gellar" Review

Welly well well.

There you have it. The big twist. Of which the only good thing I can say is that at least it's over and done with and we can now move on into less-predictable territory.

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sjaakiejj3286d ago

One of the most poorly written reviews I've read in a long time.

pomoluese3286d ago

I haven't really liked IGN's reviews. I think the worst one I've read from them was their review of Someone to Watch Over Me from BSG, the guy didn't even realize that the man helping her was her father. I will never forget.

sfex3best3285d ago

Dude this episode owned.

loudhugo3285d ago

i guess all this is making dexter look stupid and careless... but i wasnt a bad episode

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