AMC's The Walking Dead: "Nebraksa" Preview Trailer and Clip

Cosmic Book News says

Wow! What a mid-season finale!

Below you can check out the preview for the next episode of The Walking Dead, "Nebraska.""Lif e-long friends Rick and Shane get into it in this sneak peak."

Another look will also be featured on this week's episode of Hell On Wheels.In addition, check out the promo shown after tonight's episode below.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday night February 12th, 2012 at 9pm ET on AMC.

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alycakes3218d ago

This was a great first taste of what's to come....wasn't it? I was hoping for the best but I always knew that a little girl wasn't going to last too long by herself out there.

Great episode!

Crazay3218d ago

It was a good little taste of whats to come. I'm looking forward to Feb but for reasons other then The Walking Dead...Now I have another reason for the Dead of winter excitement.

Blink_443218d ago

I'm kind of sick of the farm, they need to move on.

Crazay3218d ago

It's pretty evident that there's going to be a location change coming in the near future especially with the admission by Kirkman that Michonne and the Gov are going to be introduced this season and maybe sooner than many may think.

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Tzuno3217d ago

Good because apart from the first episode of the season 2 all of them sucked hard and become tiresome with that old fart Herschel with his rules and Sophia. Good thing that Shane has shown some attitude to their pathetic whining. I hope Shane will make it to the end.

loki523217d ago

I totally agree. My wife and I were watching the episode and we were making fun of the lame back and forth "Think about it", "I don't want to think about it" dialogue and we were seriously going to stop watching the show. The end of it was good but they need to either have a bunch of zombie action every show or they need to have a compelling, forward-moving story... most of season 2, they have had neither. Also, they need more people to die. They make zombies look like they are not even a threat unless you are a little girl all alone in the woods

Crazay3217d ago

The problem with so many viewers of The Walking Dead is that they can't seem to grasp that it's not about Zombies taking over the world, it's about humanity surviving. It's about the trials and tribulations of this particular group of survivors and their relationships with one another and how the events that have changed their lives affect who they are as people.

Granted the Sophia thing was a little drawn out and they could have sped it up a little bit by cutting a 2 episodes of buildup to move them along to their next major location and plot point.

This is not an "Action" TV series. It's "Drama". If the show was all about killing zombies, then noone would care about the characters when they died. I think that most people collectively let out a gasp when Sophia came out of that barn - why? Because they cared about the little girl, her mother and Karl. This event has changed Karl and her mother for good and we're all going to see this progression.

I'm all for what they've been doing this season and fully expect the next half to be very interesting.

alycakes3217d ago

You're so right Crazay, it is more about the people. What would we do in certain situations if we are ever faced with them? Zombies are just the symbol of another life and world altering problem where we would all have to make decisions that would effect us for the rest of our lives....very dramatic!

This is really a great show...last year I didn't even know if I was going to like it and now I'm so into it, I can't stop.

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