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Chronicles of Riddick: New Movie Back On After Cash Starts Flowing

TMZ Says

Vin Diesel's new "Chronicles of Riddick" movie is back from the dead ... TMZ has learned ... after the production company scrounged up enough cash to pay off some long overdue bills.

We broke the story ... the movie came to a screeching halt last month, when the guy who owns the Montreal studio where the film is being shot LOCKED OUT the cast and crew after complaining that he hadn't gotten paid.

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Crazay3220d ago

I'm glad that this got sorted out finally. I was getting worried that this might languish.

MinimeJer053220d ago

Good to hear it starting up again!

loudhugo3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

great! just hope the new money doesnt come with movie directions demands...

Crazay3219d ago

I'm wondering if that might have been part of the problem to begin with. I mean it seemed to me that production was ramping up quickly then all of a sudden nothing. Seems to me that there were still some negotiations still ongoing when this got started. Ballsy move if that's the case.

alycakes3219d ago

Glad to hear he finally got his house in order and got some financial backing. I am looking forward to seeing what he does with this movie.