'Hugo' Catapults Movies to a Higher Art Form

The Wrap - I'm not a film reviewer, and this isn't going to be a review. However, as art is a catalyst to expand your consciousness and find relevance in your world -- where it may have not occurred before -- then with “Hugo,” Martin Scorsese has created a celluloid Pieta that's showing on screens across the country. I'm still basking in the afterglow of this work.

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Blink_442637d ago

My family saw this and they said it was awesome but they only saw it in 2d. We are gonna go see it in 3d and apparently it's supposed to be the best 3d to date.

alycakes2636d ago

Can't wait to see it myself...I'm going to the movies one day this week and I'm going to have a terrible time choosing what to see.