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Another Description For The Six Minute The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Emerges

CBM says

It's that time again. With The Dark Knight Rises prologue just a few weeks away from theaters, possible descriptions are coming in thick and fast with the latest revealing the integration of footage from Batman Begins.

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pomoluese3224d ago

I just can't believe bane is so tiny. I mean I know realistically they can't get someone much bigger but still

Crazay3224d ago

I think the same thing when I see him too and could see someone from WWE playing the role solely based on his size and not necessarily his acting abilities. I can't help but wonder whats up with the "backne" he seems to perpetually have. Further to that point, I saw a pic wiht the back of his head and there's a crazy looking vein back there.

pomoluese3223d ago

Yeah I mean I can see why they would want him as an actor, I mean wrestlers can't act ever. I guess there's no real solution and we'll just have to wait for the film to see what happens.

StarWarsFan3223d ago

Yeah, Bane does seem a bit small.