'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Causing Seizures in U.S. Moviegoers

The penultimate film's birthing scene could have triggered episodes of photosensitive epilepsy, medical experts say.

The penultimate film in Summit Entertainment's Twilight franchise nearly matched the box office brawn of New Moon in its opening weekend, but just one week after Breaking Dawn Part 1 was released in theaters reports are surfacing that it has been causing seizures.

Credits to CBS Sacramento and ABC4

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DarkBlood3227d ago

guess some people cant stomach the scene? im not really sure how a seizure works anyways

i always confuse that with people over 60 as a natural body cause because the body is already weaken?

Tanir3226d ago

its the sparkles and glitter!

Blink_443227d ago

Can't this happen to anyone viewing a movie, not like it's just twilight.

alycakes3227d ago

Yes, you are correct...but usually it has to be someone that already has some type of medical condition or but the age doesn't matter.

pomoluese3227d ago

Is the baby scene in this one? Is it as ridiculous as how it's described?

alycakes3227d ago

Yes, the baby scene is in this one and that's the one they are talking about. It seems they are using the constant flasing of lights and the colors and movements and that's what's making some people sick. I myself am waiting to see it after the crowds stop going and seeings how I am on seizure medication, if my husband doesn't go with me, I'll have to wait to see it at home when it comes out on dvd. That's a bumber because I want to see it on the big screen.

DarkBlood3226d ago

kidnap your husband? if thats even possible :P

caseh3227d ago

Hmmm, let me see -

Bright flashing lights + history of epilepsy = seizures.

Hardly a news flash really is it...

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