'G.I. Joe' Sequel Crew Member Dies After Accident On Set

A crew member working on the set of the movie "G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation" died yesterday after an accident on the New Orleans set ... TMZ has learned.

Officials at Paramount Pictures confirm ... the crew member was working on tearing down the set, when something went terribly wrong.

Sources connected to the production tell us ... the man was working on a high-powered scissor lift, when the machine tipped over and the man sustained fatal injuries.

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alycakes3230d ago

That's really too bad. I guess it comes with the territory when you make an action packed movie but it seems like it always happens to the extras or the crew members and they are the ones that get so little for what they do.

StarWarsFan3229d ago

Yeah, the high-priced people never seem to get severely injured.

Lord_Sloth3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

@ both of the above

That's because the lower paid people do their jobs very well which results in the safety of the higher paid people. If some1 dies, it's usually the result of negligence (see Brandon Lee and Vic Morrow). Sad to say it but he probably overloaded the lift.

Stuff like this...

alycakes3229d ago

They do take a lot of chances and that is the price some of them pay but it's still sad for their families.