The Evolution of the Road Movie

Magnolia Forever writes:
For a long time in cinema, filmmakers have become almost obsessed with the concept of driving. Why do we drive? Is it more than just to get to a physical place? In films, the road does more than provide a pathway to a location… its daunting length gives the person driving down it time to think. There are few better times to properly think than while doing something as menial as driving. Driving allows clarity, whether we’re the one driving or simply a passenger. When you’re with a passenger, you have time to talk, discuss things, which can be useful. When we’re alone, we have time to think about whatever issues are pressing us, which can be helpful. And all the while, we’re not bored because we also have to concentrate on driving.

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alycakes2638d ago

But have you ever gotten to your destination but not remembered exactly how you got there? Normal day...not drunk or anything, just thinking of so much that you really don't even remember the road you took?