Thanksgiving Top 5: Football Movies

Collider - Once you’ve gorged yourself on potatoes and pie, and the turkey coma begins setting in, the last thing you want to do is go outside and toss the pigskin around with Junior. Why exercise when there’s plenty of football to just watch on TV? It’s the American way! But if you’re not interested in watching the perennial Lions and Cowboys matchups, perhaps a football-themed movie will do instead. “But there’re so many to choose from and my brain is full of stuffing!” you say. Never fear! We’ve done all the grunt work for you. What follows is the five best movies ever to grace the gridiron. Hit the jump to check out the Collider Thanksgiving Top 5 Football Movies. Down, set, hike! If you missed any of our previous “Thanksgiving Top 5″ articles, click here.

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Blink_443219d ago

Water boy is hilarious!

alycakes3214d ago

Brian's Song was so sad but it was a great movie and was based on a true story like The Blind Side. I don't usually like to watch sad movies but they were good.