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C&G Magazine: Hugo Review

Phil Brown writes: "Taking a break from his usual pet themes of having gangsters kill each other or Oscar-baiting with Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese has gone and made a children’s fantasy film in 3D called Hugo. That’s certainly as wild of a career jump as George W. Bush suddenly deciding to teach children how to read atheist literature, but somehow the master filmmaker manages to fare quite well with material that might seemed more suited to fellow 70s movie brat Steven Spielberg. Even though the lavish, heightened, Paris production lacks the hyper-violent New York realism that made the director’s name, the project does feel oddly personal for the filmmaker. In many ways, it’s Scorsese’s love letter to the powerful sense of fantasy and escape offered by the movies, and given that there’s no bigger cinephile than motor-mouthed Marty, he’s definitely the man for the job."

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