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T.J. Miller Lands Lead In Fox’s Comedy Pilot ‘Little Brother’, Lifts Project’s Contingency

Deadline - Actor-comedian T.J. Miller (ABC’s Carpoolers) has landed the lead in Fox’s comedy pilot Little Brother, lifting the contingency on the project written by Mike Royce, which will now proceed with production.

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Blink_443228d ago

I've only seen him in 3 movies, so I don't really know how funny he is. Bu he was good in cloverfield

StarWarsFan3227d ago

I don't think he's appeared enough for anyone to really judge how well he'll pull off this show.

xVeZx3226d ago

he was pretty good in shes out of my league....was ok in our idiot brother

alycakes3226d ago

Yes we'll have to wait and see on this one. Don't know much about him either.