IGN - Conan the Barbarian: 3D Combo Pack Blu-ray Review

IGN - Conan does not get off to a smooth start. After a silly opening narration (from Morgan Freeman, who apparently didn't have a decent excuse to turn down the role) and a back-story not unlike Lord of the Rings, we cut to a bloodied-up Ron Perlman, fighting in some sort of war. His mortally wounded wife is there, too, and she's in labor. Asking to see her baby before she dies, Perlman cuts into his wife's womb and pulls out their son, played by a covered-in-dirt, rubbery looking fake baby (seriously, it's creepy looking). She dies and Perlman holds the baby up in the air screaming, "AHHHHHH!" I only expected things to go downhill from there.

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