ClickOnline Review - Take Shelter

ClickOnline reviewer Daniel Anderson writes:
Take Shelter uses subtle CG to illustrate the apocalypse in Curtis’ mind and while it could never be mistaken for a blockbuster; event movies could learn something about restraint from the effects here, and all on a mere $5 million budget. On only his second film, Nicols direction is superb and it’s clear he has a great command of actors, though there are perhaps a few too many scenes illustrating Curtis’ mental state – a shorter cut could have been more effective.

The ending is likely to be divisive – at first I found it cheapened the power of what came before but it has grown on me – but there’s no doubting that Nicols has produced an impressive, layered drama with sterling performances. Highly recommended.

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Blink_442645d ago

I want to see this but it's not playing near me

ClydeRadcliffe2644d ago

This looks quite decent actually. Go team apocalyptic delusions