Top 5 Overused Songs in Videos, Trailers and Advertisments

Here are the 5 (+1) most overused songs in YouTube videos, movie trailers and game advertisements.

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MelonSaurus3233d ago

Bring Me to Life by Evanescense? Shit is all over youtube like a god damn disease.

NovusTerminus3233d ago

As much as I like the song. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars. It was used for at least six last years, and there where far better songs from the album.

LettingGo3233d ago

Why Clubbed To Death over 24 by Gem?!? Both are in the trailer...

Sahil3233d ago

power by kanye? where?

Legion3233d ago

Sorry that was the first time I had even heard the Kanye song. And most of the others were barely discernible audio in the back ground.

A song that you should put on there is... Mad World. which was great in Donnie Darko and made us anticipate Gears of War. But after that... well it just felt like people were not being original.

And what about Black Sabbath and Iron Man? Talk about a song that got a lot of play.

NovusTerminus3233d ago

It would also be nice if people used the original Mad World by Tears for Fears. I don't like the remake of it.

Legion3232d ago

I liked the tears for fears version. But it doesn't have the haunting quality of this latter version.

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