No Oldman For Akira, WB Offering The Colonel To Ken Watanabe

Twitch says

Those wondering when the Jaume Collet-Serra directed US adaptation of Akira would get around to casting someone Japanese may have just gotten their answer.

Twitch broke word late in October that Gary Oldman had been offered the part of The Colonel in the film and now, with the actor and Warner Brothers unable to close the deal, we have learned that the part is being offered to Ken Watanabe instead.

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Crazay3226d ago

This is the first sensible casting choice made for the movie. He looks like he'd be perfect for the part.

Lord_Sloth3226d ago

Now we just need to cast Tony Jaa as Tetsuo, Joon Lee as Kaneda, and make a few other wise choices (at least 1 of which should be Rain) and every1 will be happy.