The Walking Dead Episode 7 Spoilers Leaked Online

Dancing Silhouettes:
AMC’s hit Zombie show The Walking Dead might have started on a slow burn, but it seems like things are about to pick up now and shit is about to hit the fan.

Below are detailed spoilers for episodes 6 and 7, which where posted online by a (disgruntled?) ex-employee who was familiar with the show.

NOTE: There is absolutely nothing to confirm that these spoilers are legitimate. I got these from Tumblr. It might all just turn out to be fan fiction and Photoshop so take this with a huge grain of salt.

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alycakes3229d ago

There is a really big spoiler on this one so this is just a warning for those of you that don't like spoilers.

Connoro3227d ago

Wait, how exactly can you spoil a television show based on an already released series of graphic novels?

Blacktric3227d ago

The show does NOT exactly follow the graphic novels.


Sophia is still alive in the graphic novels while she obviously turned into a zombie in mid season finale. There are also other differences like T-Dog not being in the novels and how fast Dale and Andrea's relationship grows and Shane's death in the first book.

Lord_Sloth3227d ago

This series has already greatly strayed from the comic series. Shane's still alive for 1, Daryl and Meryl never existed in the comics, neither did the Black dude, and there are some characters from the comics who aren't in the show. I keep up with both though because it's neat seeing how both of them turn out.

MyLeadYourHead563227d ago

well the series doesn't follow the comics just like resident evil you wouldn't of gone to see the first one and expect it to be exactly like the game

alycakes3226d ago

See...there are lots of ways that they can do spoilers. I have the book and it's not exactly like the show either but I can kinda get an idea of what's going to happen but I decided not to read beyond the week we're in.

alycakes3223d ago

Well, how was that for a finale?

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