IGN - Hell on Wheels: "A New Birth of Freedom" Review

IGN - This was a dull episode. No way around it. It didn't have a whole lot to stand on and an exposition episode this early should feel like it's building toward something—which this definitely did not.

We opened on Bohannan looking through a photo of Union soldiers, presumably the ones that killed his wife. The last one is a Sgt. Harper. Before starting work, Bohannan asked the entire crew if they knew where a certain Harper was and someone responded 20 miles back. He left to go find him and on his way he ran into Lily and Joseph.

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Blink_443057d ago

Don't think this will be coming back for a 2nd season

loudhugo3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

im liking this show, although the sound quality sucks... oh amc

alycakes3056d ago

Yes, I'm enjoying the story so far...don't know how far it's going to go but we'll see how long it keeps my interest.