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Jeremy Renner On 'Bourne Legacy'

No movie has attracted quite as much speculation in recent years as the Bourne sequel/reboot/thingamajig. Rumour and counter-rumour have swirled around the project like mist around Prometheus. When Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass demurred and Jeremy Renner and Tony Gilroy stepped up, the question was: who is Renner playing and how would The Bourne Legacy fit into the existing universe?

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alycakes3224d ago

I think it's going to be okay as long as they don't try to be him out to be exactly like Jason Bourne...they know he can't take his place but if they wrote the story right it will work. I didn't get to read this book so I don't know. Not that it matters because the first 3 movies really didn't stick to the books details that much anyway.

loudhugo3224d ago

i was gonna sh*t on this movie but i saw that renner isnt playing bourne... i guess i can get pass the bourne in the title since its just used to attract more people.
But its unlikly to be as good as the epic bourne ultimatum

StarWarsFan3224d ago

So there is no actual Bourne character in the movie? Just call it The Legacy.