NBC Hands Out Full-Season Order To ‘Grimm’, Gives It Thursday 10 PM Tryout

Deadline says

Following a 2-script pickup last week, NBC has given new drama series Grimm a full-season pickup with a Back 9 order. The move comes after the rookie posted a 1.6 adult 18-49 rating this past Friday, even with the previous week to stop the show’s post-premiere slide. Additionally, NBC, which opted to keep Grimm in its original low-trafficked Friday 9 PM slot on the recently released midseason schedule, is giving the fairytale procedural a tryout in the Thursday 10 PM slot. A new Grimm episode will air on Thursday Dec. 8, followed by another original in the series’ regular Friday 9 PM berth the following night.

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Crazay3256d ago

This is fantastic news. Grimm is THE ONLY new show this season that I tune into every week.

alycakes3255d ago

I totally agree. I love this show. It has so much potential and the subject matter can take you to all kinds of stories.

Crazay3255d ago

I think they've done some great things with the show. I will admit that some of the CGI needs to be a little more polished but I'm able to overlook that.

LettingGo3255d ago


That's great and all, but we would like Community to remain RIGHT where it is!

Whitney is possibly the worst show in years! I haven't met a single human being who likes that show.

This is Arrested Development all over again!

I'm happy for Grimm though. It's a great show.

Blacktric3255d ago

"Whitney is possibly the worst show in years! I haven't met a single human being who likes that show."

Agreed! We need Community back. At least until the story in the college is complete which means another season after the third one is a must!

Crazay3255d ago

I've never seen Community before. I don;t think it;s gone forever, it's maybe just being shuffled to the mid season slot to give them something that actually draws in viewers during those months.