The Dos and Don’ts of Breaking The Fourth Wall

Magnolia Forever writes:
Film, in general, is a form of storytelling. Every movie tells a story, with a few rare exceptions such as Un Chien Andalou or Wavelength, and those avant-garde films that simply set out to shoot for the sake of shooting, with their own personal reasons. But most movies are stories. They grab the viewer and pull them into the drama. They make them part of it. They involve them. They make the viewer feel like they are part of the story, that they are inside something that’s a film, but feels more like real life. That’s what a movie’s job is, right? Right. But then there are other films, where the director chooses to do something that completely shatters the illusion of watching the film, a brutal reminder that what we’re seeing is all acted and not real at all. This is called breaking the fourth wall. Generally, it consists of a character either acknowledging there is a camera watching them, or the camera equipment or crew being visible on screen. Some direc...

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bwazy2648d ago

I remember the Waynes World scene... Laughed my ass off and still do to this day.

thebudgetgamer2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Mel Brooks has always done that well.

It's good to be the king.

Bathyj2648d ago

Pardon, pardon, pardon. You are pissing on my boots.

StarWarsFan2648d ago

Wayne's World! Wayne's World!

DarkBlood2648d ago

Party time! Excellent!

i wish they *scwhing* do a *scwhing* Wanyes World 3 :P lol

BubloZX2648d ago

Lol deadpool breaks the fourth wall

JL2647d ago

I really can't wait for that movie to see how they really handle that character (his personality, the breaking of the fourth wall, etc).

LettingGo2647d ago

Agreed. The problem in the more recent comics is that Deadpool is TOO meta, which means he lacks originality...the very thing he loves most.

I think, in order for Deadpool to work on all levels, they'll need a genius writing the script.

Don't even get me started on how Christopher Nolan is too shallow for the job. Inception isn't confusing because it's deep. It is confusing because it is poorly written.