Chris Evans Replacing James Franco In 'The Iceman'

Captain America’s Chris Evans is taking a turn to the darkside. Evans has made a deal to replace James Franco in The Iceman, the Ariel Vroman-directed drama based on the Anthony Bruno book about Richard Kuklinski, a contract killer for the mob. Michael Shannon is attached to play Kuklinski, aka The Iceman, and Franco was going to play his mentor, Robert Pronge. Millennium Films/Nu Image is starting production on the picture next month. The film was on shaky ground when Franco dropped out but has firmed up thanks to Evans. Aside from playing the title character in Captain America: The First Avenger, Evans starred in Puncture and is reprising his Captain America role in the Joss Whedon-directed The Avengers. He’s repped by CAA and 3 Arts.

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alycakes3235d ago

Well, I like both actors so it really doesn't matter. I guess what does matter is the movie plot and who writes and directs it.

Blink_443235d ago

I love Chris evans in Scott pilgrim.

alycakes3234d ago

I just loved Scott was such a good movie. He was good but I usually enjoy movies that he's in.

StarWarsFan3234d ago

Good. James Franco doesn't deserve to work.