Interview With Burning Man Director Jonathan Teplitzky

It has been 8 years since Sydney born filmmaker Jonathan Teplitzky dazzled audiences with his Gold Coast set crime romp Getting’ Square. It was a time of immense loss and personal reflection which he funnelled into his latest movie Burning Man.

Based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, the film stars Matthew Goode as a British chef who deals with the loss of his wife (Bojana Novakavic) through immense anger and a succession of strictly sexual relationships.

Utilising a jig saw structure, Teplitzky has created a film which is as dazzling in look as it is intimate in detail and raw in emotion. The end product has seen Burning Man acclaimed as one of the best movies of the year from many a critic.

Matt’s Movie Reviews had the privilege to talk to Tiplitzky about the making of Burning Man and the themes found within.

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mpejko3233d ago

Hi StarWarsFan,

Burning Man is one of the best Aussie films I've seen in a while. Be sure to check it out if it comes your way.