Best Served Cold: Favorite Revenge Films

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” – Confucius

Runnerbird says: "I once heard someone say that vengeance and opposable thumbs are what separate us from the animals. Revenge is an emotion everyone can relate to and understand because we’ve all felt it. The need to correct a perceived wrong against our person is, after all, the basis of our justice system. It is those tales that are set outside the legal system that have intrigued us the most. Perhaps we don’t like to admit it, but when our heroes seek and carry out their revenge, we love to cheer them on. Revenge films offer us a safe place to live out one of our basic human desires – to get even, the cost be damned. Here are some of notable revenge films that should satisfy your “eye for an eye” appetite."

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NoUseMerc3236d ago

The Count of Monte Cristo was another great revenge film

andron3236d ago

Ah I want Kill Bill on Blu-Ray, but I'm not getting it until an uncut color version of the massacre is available...

artynerd3235d ago

I couldn't wait. bought both on Bluray and they look and sound fantastic on my 65" Plasma/Bose surround!... I'll buy em again when the uncut/unedited versions are released :P

barb_wire3235d ago

What about 'Point Blank' with Lee Marvin - that movie was so cool or catch it's remake Mel Gibson's 'Payback'

alycakes3234d ago

I'd say The Crow and Kill Bill are right up there at the top of the list.