CinemaBlend - 8 Movie Weddings We'd Rather Attend Than Edward And Bella's

CinemaBlend - The promos for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 have promoted the nuptials between Edward and Bella as the "Wedding of the Year"-- you know, the Wedding of the Year that isn't Will and Kate's, or Kim and Kris's, or that awesome one you went to this summer with the champagne fountain. But Breaking Dawn is far from the first movie to throw a big ol' wedding, and we'd argue it doesn't do it nearly as well as a lot of other classics. From a blended-cultures reception where the bride wears a sari and a Brazilian drum line plays to the poofy shoulder pads of an 80s party, weddings on film can often look way more fun than the ones you attend in real life. So, with all due respect to Bella and Edward on their blessed day, here are 8 movie weddings we'd much rather attend, whether it's to make out with the foxy bridesmaids or cut a rug with everyone else on the dance floor. We'll see you for the bouquet toss.

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alycakes2650d ago

Actually none of those weddings would have been appealing to me to attend.

DarkBlood2650d ago

well i rather be in the crowd with vamps and wolves are in :P