Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweets Pic Of Head Injury From Set Of The Last Stand

CinemaBlend - It’s not a tumor! But it is a minor head injury that Arnold Schwarzenegger sustained on the set of The Last Stand, a border-patrol thriller that stars the ex-governor as an aging lawman who must make a – you guessed it – last stand when a high-profile drug kingpin escapes from the FBI and makes a dash toward Mexico. “Got a little banged up on set today. Thanks to the medical staff who got me back in action an hour later!” Schwarzenegger tweeted on his official Twitter page. Take a closer look below:

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alycakes2648d ago

Oh Well...don't really care. I'm sure he's got insurance for his boo boo.

DarkBlood2648d ago

dont like the actor very much do you ? :P

alycakes2647d ago

Well, I used to in his younger days. I still will stop the remote to watch his Terminator movies any day of the week or even Camando and stuff like that but no, don't like him much now. I will go see the movie because I do believe in giving the the other actors the benefit that they deserve and if the movie is done well and written well...who knows it may turn out okay.

Lord_Sloth2648d ago

Smiling about the injury like a true man! XXXD

Can't wait to see him back in theaters!

loudhugo2647d ago

Maria?! what your doing on the set! *plock*