Garfield Spotted with a Tissue Up His Nose After Filming Spider-Man Scenes

Daily Mail says

The Amazing Spider-Man swings his way through New York at heights that would give anyone a nose bleed.

And it seemed this occupational hazard finally caught up with Andrew Garfield, who is playing the iconic comic book character in its cinematic reboot.

The English star was spotted on set yesterday with a tissue jammed up his nose.

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Christopher2646d ago

I get nosebleeds all the time during the winter. This is standard protocol for me.

DarkBlood2646d ago

ah ic the strong cold *wherever you live* must of hit a really good spot in the nostril to cause a bleeding

i remeber being like that only with the heat from the heater in the apartment years back when i was young

i dont dare to try turning it on to test it out again lol

StarWarsFan2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Some Spider-Man.