Which New TV Comedy is the Funniest? [Trendy Gamers]

Trendy Gamers: This TV season saw the introduction of quite a few new comedies. While some have been cancelled (Free Agents, How To Be A Gentleman) all of the other ones have received full season pick-ups or are likely too. If you have yet to see any of these new comedies, we will rank them from best to worst so you can decide which ones are worth your time.

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TrendyGamers2652d ago

Let me know if you guys agree with my picks or disagree.

colonel1792651d ago

The one i like the most is New Girl. It is really funny, or maybe I am biased because I love Zooey. I also watch Suburgatory, 2 Broke Girls and Whitney.

Suburgatory is also very funny, but sometimes it gets weird.

2 Broke Girls is a good show with potential, but so far they have been wasting it by using too much vagina a penis jokes. Also, the sexual, weird, rapist-wannabe cook is awful and they need to get rid of it. The chinese boss is weird, but not as the cook, so I can stand him.

Whitney is funny, but they need to find something different to do. Every episode has been about Whitney or her husband (or someone really) trying to prove a point, and there is always a challenge which gets resolved. It gets boring.

TrendyGamers2651d ago

Yeah, 2 Broke Girls does rely too much on sexual jokes but they are funny 75% of the time.

And I actually enjoy Oleg... In small doses.

SnakeCQC2651d ago

thumbs up for finding one with zoey deschanel (she's awesome)

alycakes2651d ago

I do love New Girl, Whitney, Broke Girls, and Suborgatory but don't care much for the others at all.

SnakeCQC2651d ago

do you know anywhere online that streams new girl?(live in uk can't find it on sky)


I don't mean to spam or anything but this is the perfect site to watch it on, it also works on PS3 and iPhone

Plus if you log in with your facebook/twitter account, you can watch it in HD.

StarWarsFan2651d ago

Out of that list, I like New Girl the most. I think 2 Broke Girls has potential, but the story needs to start moving forward on the cupcake business and they need to settle the entire issue with the boyfriend. And there are too many vagina and penis jokes. I don't see Whitney lasting too long if they continue with the same type of stories they have been going with so far. The stories focus too much on Whitney and her boyfriend.

I'm not a fan of Allen Gregory at all. I think Last Man Standing deserves a spot on the list.

Blink_442651d ago

I know it was over the summer but Wilfred was hilarious

krazykombatant2651d ago

haven't really seen any of this, but when it comes to funny ARCHER needs to be there. Better than Family Guy in my opinion. I just got fed up with the same "thats like the one time when...."

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