Cowboys and Aliens Steelbook Target Exclusive reports on Target getting a Steelbook exclusive for Cowboys and Aliens that will be limited to 500 copies according to Universal Facebook page. This metal packaging is a hot a collectors item, and will go fast!

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Wreck3237d ago

Wow this sold out fast!

StarWarsFan3237d ago

It will go fast? Didn't this movie do terrible in theaters?

Wreck3237d ago

Not terrible, but not great. However we're talking about a steelbook edition. Their are thousands of steelbook collectors out there! google blu-ray steelbook and you'll see. They go for crazy prices.

Blink_443236d ago

Movie was a major let down

alycakes3235d ago

I loved was totally different and I like different. I get tired of the same old stuff all the time and this gave me something new and fresh to watch with two of the best actors that I love. The action was great too.

I can't wait to get my copy and watch it again at home.

Blink_443235d ago

I like different too but this movie just didn't cut it for me..but I want to see it again cuz I don't remember much about it.