Trailer for Vincent D’Onofrio’s Directorial Debut ‘Don’t Go In The Woods’

Vincent D’Onofrio is set to make his directorial debut with Don’t Go In The Woods. Not only is he directing, but he wrote the story for this horror film which follows a young band who go on a retreat into the woods searching for inspiration. What they find instead is a killer on the loose as this band’s musical rendezvous turns into their swan song.

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alycakes3232d ago

Kinda creepy...reminds me of the old Friday the 13th movies when each one got killed one by one.

Garethvk3232d ago

A bit like Wrong Turn and Mason County.

StarWarsFan3232d ago

Don't Go In The Woods? So I shouldn't go see this movie?

alycakes3228d ago

Well, you can go see the movie but you'd think that people that age could read the sign that says 'Don't Go In The Woods' Huh?