Eastwood Throws A 'Curve' To Amy Adams

Hollywood was in a fuss last month when Clint Eastwood un-retired from acting to star in the Warner Bros. pic TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, in which he plays an aging baseball scout who takes one last trip with his estranged daughter to look at a blue-chip prospect. Once everyone got over the fact that he would be acting again, the question became: Who would play his daughter? WB has offered Amy Adams the part, with hoppes to get production under way sometime in early 2012.

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alycakes2647d ago

Anyone would be crazy to turn down working with Clint Eastwood so I'm sure she's going to do it even if she has to rearrange her schedule on something else.

StarWarsFan2646d ago

I don't see her turning this movie down. It must be something special if Eastwood reconsidered retirement for it.

alycakes2643d ago

I agree...he always does something to surprise me and I don't surprise easy.