CBS Renews 'Survivor' for Two More Seasons

The Collider:
Here’s another quick dose of reality TV news coming to those who don’t just want stories on their flickering box. Today CBS announced that it has again renewed their long-running reality competition series Survivor, essentially the one that started it all, for a 25th and 26th season on the network. Jeff Probst will return as host and executive producer yet again, but it’s not clear where the new seasons will head. However, the current season in the South Pacific is doing well as the #2 reality series on television, so that’s not bad. Anyway, if you need all the facts about Survivor’s ratings and the standard publicity fluff, you can check out the full press release after the jump.

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alycakes2649d ago

I really think this show has been on long enough. I wish they would cancel it. How come they don't cancel the shows I want cancelled and they always cancel shows I like?

Blink_442649d ago

Never watched this but some teacher that teaches a town over from me went on and I think he won.

StarWarsFan2649d ago

Yes! I never get tired of this show.