The Amazing Spider-Man Returns To NYC For Re-Shoots

Over the next two days Marc Webb's Spidey reboot will film re-shoots in several locations in New York City. here we have location info and a couple of set pics.

- Signs posted around Pearl & Board street (no date specified)

- FYI: Signs for filming around the Williamsburg Bridge and FDR Dr for Thursday, 11.17, though holding and base camp for extras is located at 1 Bowling Green ( around State St and Battery Pl).

- Signs around the Flatiron building at 25th and 5th Ave/6th Ave for Friday, 11.18.

- Signs also posted on East 81 Street between Columbus Avenue and Park for Friday, 11.18.

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alycakes3231d ago

Oh well, everyone seems to be in NY shooting something or other right now so they might as well be too. I just don't get it....why so many reshoots?

loudhugo3231d ago

because they finally figured out that costume sucks and are reshooting every scene with it

DarkBlood3230d ago

what a load of balonga man :P only thing i find odd is the yellow/goldish eyes

other then that the costume seems similar to me with the exception of the patterns

StarWarsFan3231d ago

The first Spider-Man's marketing seemed to have gotten a better response originally than this one from my memory. This one's trailer is weak and nothing seems too impressive in terms of the costume or cast. I am slightly concerned.