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Gunfire & Explosions in Resident Evil Set Videos: Featuring Alice & Umbrella Soldiers

Check out these videos that feature stuntmen being engulfed in fire during battle scenes, and Milla Jovovich shows off her gun skills as she mows down her enemies.

Some more footage of "Alice" dishing it out. You can just barely make out Milla in the centre with guns blazing. After the rehearsal mishap here is the full speed, full effects version complete with gunfire and explosions. I think this is a shot of Umbrella and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillroy) taking some folks out. She is the in middle of the screen and pulls out a couple of shotguns at the end to fire. Watch for the late blast and that's her.

Another day of shooting at the Toronto set of Resident Evil 5 - Retribution. In this video a bunch of Umbrella troopers get blown up. Some new footage of Umbrella soldiers mowing down people. Some Umbrella troopers drop in with guns blazing.

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alycakes3234d ago

Pretty cool...can't wait for the movie.

Jocosta3234d ago

Please just make it stop already.