Gervais To Span a Third Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais is returning as host of the Golden Globes following a Wednesday vote by the The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Variety's Josh Dickey was first to report. Some details still need to be worked out before the decision is ratified, but with all parties now in agreement, Gervais is all but locked to appear on the January 15 telecast on NBC. HFPA membership was divided on whether to bring back Gervais, whose personal attacks during last year’s monologue made many uneasy.

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JL3236d ago

This should be great. I thought he was hilarious last year and now he's vowing to upstage last year's performance this year.

P.S. Yes, I know technically "last year" was this year.

alycakes3236d ago

I know...isn't he the greatest? I thought he was the best and the funniest they've ever had. I'm so glad he didn't say he was sorry for any of it because he didn't do anything wrong and if they didn't want that type of comedy they shouldn't have asked for him anyway....everyone knows him so well.

Blink_443236d ago

I never watch these but I might this time

StarWarsFan3235d ago

I think a lot of his material was weak last year. There were short periods of good stuff, but I don't think it was stellar as a whole. I hope he does a better job this year.

loudhugo3230d ago

the only way it would be better would be if ricky, steve and pilkington co-hosted