Is Adam Sandler Experiencing An Eddie Murphy Drought?

After adding another critically panned film to his resume, and underperforming at the box office, we question if Adam Sandler is experiencing the same comedic drought Eddie Murphy endured during the 90s.

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StarWarsFan2651d ago

Adam Sandler hasn't had major box-office flops recently, so it's a bit early to call it a comedic drought.

LettingGo2651d ago

Lol. No. He's just having fun. I saw Jack and Jill this weekend. I expected the worst film EVER made. I went there to MST3K it, in fact. I even made a "Team Jack" shirt and my sister made a "Team Jill" shirt. It wasn't THAT bad. Some of the jokes actually landed. :) I enjoyed it.

Adam Sandler just needs to write like he did years ago. :)