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Digital Hippos: Sleeping Beauty Review

Julia of Digital Hipppos writes:

I'm the first to put my hand up and say Australian films are too grim. Sleeping Beauty is no different yet it captures the drama in a painterly, evocative way that stands the film apart from its gritty neighbours. There are some uncomfortable, unrelenting scenes (kudos to the actors) made all the more devastating by their basis in truth. The contrast between the grotesque 'real' world and the picturesque world of desire and debauchery makes you second guess your own preference. This is an impressive debut by Leigh who could very well be Australia's next Jane Campion.

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Sadie21003231d ago

Sleeping Beauty, Snow White...what other classic fairy tale is getting the adult treatment?

NagaSotuva3230d ago

There's a Red Riding Hood movie with Gary Oldman. What a piece of shit that was.