'Mirror Mirror' Trailer Featuring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins Debuts; Tries Comedic Twist

"Snow White? Snow Who? Snow Way!" say the Seven Dwarfs in the trailer for Relativity's take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Mirror Mirror.

More like "Snow silly".

The film's two-and-a-half minute trailer, which premiered on Yahoo! Tuesday, delivers an entirely different feeling than it's competitor, Snow White and the Huntsman (whose trailer debuted Nov. 10).

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alycakes3239d ago

Not caring for this so much from what I can see on this trailer. The other one looks better.

Blink_443239d ago

That girl needs to trim her eyebrows lol!

alycakes3239d ago

Yeah, what's that all about? They aren't like that for real are they?

Blink_443238d ago

I just watched the trailer...holy shit that looks awful.

alycakes3238d ago

I know...I think they meant for it to be a comedy but I didn't even find it funny. I liked the trailer for Snow White and the's a little darker and has some action in it and closer to what the Snow White story is really like.

Blink_443238d ago

Julia Roberts annoys me.

StarWarsFan3238d ago

This movie looks pretty bad.

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