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South Park Renewed Through Season 20

AICN says

“South Park,” which wraps its 15th season tonight, just got a three-year renewal that will see it continue through its 20th season in 2016.

This year’s June 8 episode, “You’re Getting Old,” had fans speculation that series writer-director-producer Trey Parker was ready to abandon the series.

The long-running animated series is the most popular comedy on cable television.

New episodes are expected to return in March. As he has done for many seasons, co-creator Parker will continue to write and direct every episode.

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Blink_443236d ago

I watched a little bit of the special about the series on cc, and it was amazing how fast they pump out episodes. Never watch this show tho.

Crazay3236d ago

South Park is awesome. Super excited that its going to keep going. The thing thats most amazing about the show is that they're so funny but so quick about it. If something happens today, you can probably see an episode about it within 2-3 weeks and it's still funny with that turn around.

Blink_443236d ago

I watched a little bit of the episode last night and they were already talking about the Penn state scandal lol.

Crazay3236d ago

I had heard they already began poking at that. Some may say "Too soon?"... At least they're consistent in that nothing is sacred.

alycakes3236d ago

I guess I must be the only one in the world that doesn't like the show...I have watched and it can be funny at times but it just doesn't do anything that special for me to go out of my way to watch it.

Crazay3236d ago

I absolutely adore the show. I remember when I first heard of it, I didn't have Satellite in my room so I never had the chance to watch it but when I finally did, I was instantly hooked.

CynicalVision3235d ago

It's getting just like The Simpsons now, just let it go already.

Sc0pe923235d ago

Wrong. South park is constantly bringing new ideas to the table which makes it funny and innovative

CynicalVision3235d ago

I disagree, completely. The first series was amazing but every since then it relies on satire too much for it's comedy. The show needs to go back to it's root rather than constantly ripping ideas from whatever is happening in the news at the time.

Corepred43235d ago

So since the first series you're saying it hasn't been good?! Obviously you don't know what you're talking about.

CynicalVision3235d ago


It's my opinion, no need to cry about it.

movieshateyoutoo3235d ago

I have to disagree. While the formula for the show has changed to more of a news of the day style it also provides a great social commentary for what's currently going on.

Crazay3235d ago

Bubbles up sir - very well said.

badkolo3235d ago

south park is the best thing on tv and i would love for it to go one forever, simpsons got stale many years ago, south park just gets better and better

Crazay3235d ago

I'm not gonna crack on the SImpsons but the point you make about the show growing stale isn't wrong by a long shot. I love South Park because it's changed into more of a "News story of the day" satire. Hasn't society gone that way too?

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